Monday, February 28, 2011

Thankful for a distraction...

February 28, 1998 was a big day in the life of the Shows/Weathers families. Jason and I married on this day 13 years ago. I have blogged before on how special that day was and I certainly could write again about it, but instead I have decided to blog about the distraction I had on THIS February 28, 2011.

Say hello to my distraction...Allyson Laine Weathers!
At 5:00 a.m., sweet Ally woke me burning hot with fever. 103 to be exact. I was so puzzled because she was feeling great over the weekend as we celebrated her birthday with yet another party. :) I decided to take her in first thing this morning to see what we might be dealing with as I suspected with such a high fever, we might have the flu. I was right. Type A flu. And yes, we had the flu shot. All of us. So, tamiflu for Ally and the rest of us will start it if needed.
While we waited in the doctor's office this a.m., the Motrin had kicked in for Ally and she was feeling somewhat normal. She had her new pretend cell phone in hand as well as her hand on hip. She was in deep conversation with someone (?) and she was pacing the floor of the waiting room like her Uncle Scott does when he talks on phone. The conversation went like this:

"No, I can't go to the ballgame. I sick. I do love the Eagles. G will be there. (pause) I know. (pause) My daddy can't go. He in heaven. (pause) See you later. Bye."

Now wait...Before you get sad for me, know I wasn't sad when I heard her say this, but rather I was laughing. Ally talks about her daddy everyday so this wasn't anything new and honestly if you could have seen the reaction of the nice people in the waiting room, you'd be laughing as well. The stares began. The quiet whispers as well. After a few minutes of Ally's conversation a sweet lady sitting near me said, "did she just say her daddy was in heaven?" I politely told the lady that her daddy had died of leukemia when she was 5 months old. Honestly, I felt sorry for all in the waiting room that heard her because for us we talk of Jason's life and death daily, but some people are not used to hearing a 3 year old talk about such a heavy subject.
Right after this conversation, Ally says to me, "I want to do my cheer leading." I immediately grabbed my phone so that I could video this routine.

At this point, I was laughing so hard. Ally Weathers has been a great distraction since her birth, but I was super thankful for yet another funny distraction provided by Ally on this day especially. :) God is good like that!

Lots of sweet memories today of what took place 13 years ago. I am super thankful that God allowed me to be the wife of Jon Jason Weathers. Thankful for the grace of our Lord that is ALWAYS enough...especially on significant days such as this one.


Becky said...

I love how the man in the background (the inquisitive one?) pretended to look at his phone the whole time...sure, you didn't notice the adorable 3 year old in the blue tutu. Sure.

God certainly knew what He was doing with the idea of Ally Weathers. Good thing supper's done. I gotta watch again.

Good post, Steph. Really, really good post.

heatherstockett said...

So sorry Ally is sick! I went to the doc today and also found out I have the flu :'( And, yes...I got the flu shot, too.

She is just precious! Cutest distraction ever.

Kristen said...

My sides hurt! I was totally expecting a loud cheer, but for her to do the whole routine quietly makes it all the more funny! I know there is a God in heaven who loves us. How on earth do you explain this child!??

NIKKI said...

Hugs to you today Steph! What a laugh that little girl can make everyone have!! That cheer routine was QUITE cute!!!

dahlialeelanders said...

What a miracle sweet Ally is! I have had a smile inside all afternoon thinking about how remarkable your children are and how much I love all of you!
What a great post! Your children have such a healthy view of all they have experienced! And Ally is quite honest!!!
The Weathers children have a great village with a precious mommy at the head!
Praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

You are so very special!!!! I remember 13 years ago. It was such a special day for 2 terrific people. You point others to Jesus! I want to be you when I grow up! Love you...

Elane Phillips said...

If that wasnt "good medicine" for everyone in the waiting room, they can't be helped.
I love it!!!

Macy Cross said...

Are you sure she has the flu? Hilarious!

Michelle said...

Well, I can't help myself any longer. I have followed your blog for years and I really don't think I have ever posted on, does this mean I am suppose to say "monkeygrass" since it is my first time????

I have waited all evening to get home from baseball, cook dinner, and get in here to respond about this precious Ally. I have laughed so very hard! I am pretty sure that God laughs right along with us! As a matter of fact, He is probably saying, " just wait and see what I have planned for tomorrow. You think you're laughing now? Oh, you have not seen anything yet!" I am not fooled though....she may look like her daddy, but she is ALL STEPHANIE WEATHERS!!!

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your precious "distraction moment" with us.

I can't believe it has been 13 years *sigh* What an amazing story that God has written for your journey....I am honored to be on the sidelines cheering you on. I love you Stephanie!