Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome Jon Dawson Weathers!

Friday morning God blessed this earth by giving Brad and Sherri a healthy baby boy. Dawson is most beautiful! To me he looks very much like his sweet mom. His dad is pretty sweet, too, but I think right now he looks more like ReRe. :) As I experienced the excitement of this new life on Friday, my mind couldn't help but think of Jason. He loved Brad so much and felt just as strongly for Sherri. I hate so badly that he missed out on the birth of their new son, but just maybe our Lord allowed him to catch a glimpse of the joy we were all experiencing. I hate so much that Dawson will not know his Uncle Jason personally, but I know we'll all take the time to tell him what an amazing man he really was.

The kids were so excited to welcome Dawson into this world. I think I now have a new problem to deal with though...since we live next door to Brad and Sherri, they want to be over there CONSTANTLY! Poor Dawson...he has no idea how much love awaits him! They are most proud of their new cousin. I look forward to all the fun memories we will make watching them all grow up together.
Uncle Brad leading the kids to meet Dawson for the first time!

I am so very happy for Brad and Sherri. Many don't know how long they waited for this precious baby. They sacrificed so much of their life while Jason was sick and even now they continue to go above and beyond for us. I am so thankful that God has blessed them with this sweet baby boy. Our God is good!

Anna Lea, Jon Brent and I left for a quick weekend getaway in Oxford on Friday afternoon. Scott, Ashley and the boys moved to Oxford in August so this was our first time to be able to visit them since the move. Between the birth of Dawson and then a weekend with Ross and kids were PUMPED! They also went to their first Ole Miss football game and that was a treat for sure. Of course, wearing red and blue was quite different than wearing black and gold. :)

I have said this so many times before, but I am so blessed with all of my family. Enjoy some pictures from all the excitement we experienced over the last few days. "Taste and see that He is good!"

Ashley with Jon Brent, Ross, Anna Lea and Ross' good friend Mattie

Uncle Scott refers to Ole Miss as the closest place to heaven on earth! (That's a big HA
for me, but sadly he is MOST serious!)

Anderson stayed at home during the game, but I did manage
to take this picture of him while he was dressing up in
his Halloween costume. So fun!
As soon as we got back from Oxford on Sunday we
went straight over to see Dawson!
Anna Lea and Dawson- she loves him so much!

Jon Brent was such a natural holding Dawson. Reminded us
all of his sweet daddy when he held a baby.